Our Careteam


Hospital Manager

Leah was born and raised in Regina. She now lives on a farm just outside of Balgonie with her wonderful husband Kiley, their beautiful daughter Hailey, two cats “Izzy” and “Earl”, a donkey named  “Helmet” and a team of horses.

She started at the Victoria Veterinary Clinic as a kennel assistant and then moved through the job titles of veterinary assistant, surgical assistant and receptionist.  After many years at the clinic, Leah has taken on the responsibility of hospital manager.  She skillfully manages the team of knowledgeable and caring people who provide the best care possible for your pets.

Photo of  Leah


Veterinary Technologist

Theresa grew up in Regina and thanks to her parents she developed a great love for animals. Her parents raised, bred and showed Miniature Dachshunds, rabbits and Speckle Park Cattle.

To better enable her to care for animals, she decided to attend the Veterinary Technology program at SIAST Kelsey campus. She graduated in 2003 and in 2004 joined the team at the Victoria Veterinary Clinic.

Theresa is married to a great man named Jeff, they have an adorable son Monte. Their furry friends include Bella a Saint Bernard X, Ellie a Miniature Dachshund and 2 ferrets Diego and Dusty .


Photo of  Theresa


Veterinary Technologist

Erin graduated from SIAST Kelsey Campus as a Veterinary Technologist in June 2009 and has been in practice ever since. She was born and raised in good old Regina.

In addition to her title as veterinary technologist she now has a new title as mom to her beautiful boy Dominic and is loving every moment of parenting! Her furry babies include 2 rescue cats named Emma and Sophie.

Erin loves working at Victoria Veterinary Clinic and is proud to be a part of a team that strives to ensure the health and well-being of every animal that walks through our doors! Her passion for her work is in clinical pathology, particularly parasitology. She is working towards getting her specialty in this field.

Photo of  Erin


Veterinary Technologist

Annaliese is a Veterinary Technologist who graduated in 2005 from SIAST Kelsey Campus. She previously worked as a kennel assistant at the Victoria Veterinary Clinic from 1998-2000 while attending school at the University of Regina. She then worked in various veterinary practices in Saskatoon and Regina before returning to Victoria Vet Clinic.

Born and raised in Regina she moved back in 2007 after living in Saskatoon for 6 years.

Annaliese is currently residing in Regina with her wonderful husband Rob, three fantastic children; daughters Astrid and Anika, son Liam, and four cats: Izzy, Blanche, Frank and Peter.

At work, she enjoys lab work and dentistry. She also has an interest and is certified in pet laser therapy. 

At home she enjoys spending time with her family as well as knitting and crocheting.




Photo of  Annaliese


Veterinary Technologist

Nicole graduated from Lakeland College in Vermillion, Alberta in 2014 and loved every minute of it! She has spent time working at a couple practices both with large and small animals, which was always a blast!

At home Nicole has a menagerie of animals! Rosie, her Heinz 57 dog, is quite the talker and Tesla her feline friend is often a troublesome brat! In addition she has many  pond fish and tropical fish. Hubble, Cassini, Kepler, and Voyager are a few of her special goldfish. Last, but not least, Philaea, a Leopard Gecko who is sweet as can be. The entire group lives comfortably in Regina and wouldn’t have it any other way.

As you may guess by the names of her pets, she loves astronomy and tries to keep up with all of the NASA, and ESA news. As a regular traveler,  she explores various destinations during the winter months. Personal favourites are Barbados, Maui, and Disney world. Her favourite past times are hanging out with her 4 legged friends, curling up with a good book and spending time at the lake.


Photo of  Nicole



Delaney lived on a farm near Dubuc, Sask until she was 9 years old.  She loved spending her time playing outside with her dogs, catching wild kittens and helping her mom milk the goats.  She always looked forward to the times when her dad would hook up the team of horses and go out for a wagon ride.  After moving off the farm she lived in a few small towns including Melville and Esterhazy and later moved to Regina where she has turned into a city girl. Fortunately she is still able to visit the farm in her spare time.

During high school she worked at the Victoria Veterinary Clinic as a kennel assistant and then took on duties as a veterinary assistant until 2001. She then left the clinic to explore other job opportunities but happily returned in 2009 to accept a position as a veterinary assistant.  Currently she works as a receptionist.   

Over the years she has acquired 2 crazy scotch collies “Georgia” and “Dexter”, has rescued “Digger” a red heeler mix, “Mopi” a shepherd mix, ”Kuma” a shiba inu, 2 cats “Manni” and “Sylvester”, 3 gold fish and a Plecostomus.  In her spare time Delaney enjoys taking the dogs to training classes including clicks and tricks, obedience, agility and doga and spending time at the farm.

Photo of  Delaney



Charla grew up in Weyburn, Sask until she decided to move to Regina where she became a member of the Victoria Veterinary Clinic team.

Her furry family consists of 5 dogs that include “Bear” a husky/lab cross, “Bander” a husky cross, “Peanut” a Lhaso apso, “Sunshine” another Lhaso apso, and “Mojo’ a Minature Dachshund. She also has 3 cats that include “Jack” a long haired orange tabby, ‘Jones’ a short haired orange tabby and “JJ” another short haired orange tabby. She always seems to make room for more.


Photo of  Charla



Crystal was raised in Regina and has always loved having animals around. She was fortunate to grow up working closely with her family and has now expanded her experiences and joined the Victoria Vet Clinic as a receptionist in the fall of 2015. She has two lovely teenage daughters Hailey and Kristin and a handsome young son, Taisen that are the light of her life.  She has currently moved her family into a new condo that they share with their 2 Pomeranian’s named Rocky and Bear.

Photo of  Crystal



Born in Regina, Tyler was raised both on the family farm outside of Avonlea, as well as in the city. Having been around a range of animals all her life. Tyler’s current furry best friends include a 12 year old Yorkshire terrier Hexe who runs the household. Vasil, a handsome 6 year old Australian shepherd who enjoys herding the farm cats and Jessi a sweet 4 year old border collie lab cross who loves nothing more than a splash in the lake, whatever season it may be.

After high school, Tyler worked in various areas of retail while taking night classes at SIAST before joining the team at the Victoria Veterinary Clinic. Now, that she is working with what she loves most in life animals, she is happy.

Aside from enjoying her days at the clinic, Tyler spends her time keeping active outside with her dogs, working on the farm, spending time with family and indulging in a nap where ever she can.


Photo of  Tyler


Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

Reuben has lived in Regina his whole life. He has taken care of a wide variety of animals over the years and now enjoys the company of two flame point Siamese cats. Rudiger is energetic, adventurous, and way too curious for his own good. Scout is a cuddly sweetheart who loves taking naps at every opportunity.

Reuben joined the Victoria Veterinary Clinic team in 2016 as a veterinary assistant, and loves spending his time working with animals as part of the care team. In his spare time, Reuben enjoys watching short films, and playing video games with the “assistance” of his two kitties on his lap. He also likes playing guitar, and listening to music. He is a great fan of satirical comedy and always enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Photo of  Reuben



Tionna was born and raised in Regina and has always had a passion for animals. Her interest in animals has been her biggest motivator in pursuing a career as a veterinarian and to work at Victoria Vet Clinic. She began working with us in the summer of 2017 and really enjoys working with the pets. She is currently taking pre-veterinary classes at the University or Regina. 

Tionna lives at home with her trio of furry family members, a pitbull named Delmonte and two orange playful cats Chewie and Wickett. In her spare time, she enjoys taking her rambunctious pup to the dog park and going to the gym.

Photo of  Tionna



Cara was born in Swift Current but during her elementary school years relocated to 4 different small towns, she especially enjoyed the 4 years she lived on a farm. Cara then moved to Regina where she graduated from high school.

Cara lives with her fur babies Winchester, a 2 year old retriever cross, Nahla, a 1 year old retriever cross and her cat Pixel who is a 3 month old tortoise shell. Cara joined Victoria Veterinary Clinic in April of 2018 and loves meeting new pets every day along with getting lots of cuddling!




Nanette was born in Estevan, Sk. and at the age of 5 she moved to Regina with her parents and 2 siblings as her father was transferred for his job.

Nanette now enjoys her family, husband Todd and 3 grown children A.J, Ashlee, and Shandra. As well 4 beautiful grandchildren which she takes great joy in.

She also enjoys her dog Rollie who is a 15 year old Shitzu/Scottish Terrier. He is spoiled rotten and loves to camp on the weekends with the family.

Nanette joined the Victoria Veterinary Clinic in September, 2018 as a receptionist, something total new for her, but is enjoying the learning process!




Michelle grew up in the small town of Wynyard. After high school, she moved to Regina to attend SIAST where she received her diploma in Applied Photography. After working for several years in the Photography industry she decided to pursue another career path working with animals and joined the team at the Victoria Veterinary Clinic as a Receptionist in September 2018. She very much enjoys meeting the many different animals and clients that visit the clinic.

Michelle has two beautiful pups a Miniature Beagle named Indy and a boisterous Redbone Coonhound named Marlo. She could not imagine life without them.

When not working, Michelle enjoys painting, attending Aerial fitness classes or just cuddling up on the couch with her furry family for a Netflix marathon.



Veterinary Assistant

Alexa works as a veterinary assistant here at the clinic. She started in June of 2016 and has loved every moment. Alexa has always had a strong love for animals, resulting in her dream of attending veterinary medical school.  

Although Alexa has no pets of her own at the moment, she enjoyed caring for other people’s dogs while working at a boarding facility for two years. Alexa values spending time with her family and friends, and enjoys drawing and participating in a co-ed soccer team.




Photo of  Alexa


Veterinary Assistant

Olivia was born in Yorkton, Sk and moved to Regina at the age of 2. She lives at home with her family and 1 year old bloodhound Beatrice.

Olivia previously worked as a floral designer but is very excited to take on a position as a veterinary assistant. She has had a variety of pets throughout her life and has always had a great love for animals.

When not at work Olivia enjoys going to the gym, gardening and taking her energetic pup to the park!


Photo of  Olivia


Veterinary Assistant


Veterinary Assistant

Cherish joined the Victoria Veterinary Clinic team in November of 2017. She was born in B.C but has spent time living in Alberta before moving to Regina with her Boyfriend Matt and their two dogs Rebel, an Australian Cattle dog and Ruby, a Border Collie.

In her spare time, she enjoys training her dogs in agility and teaching them tricks as well as biking, camping and spending time with friends and family


Veterinary Assistant

Tatjana was born and raised in Emerald Park, Saskatchewan. She has recently attended the University of Regina and is currently working as a veterinary assistant at the clinic.

In her free time Tatjana enjoys spending time with her friends, family and one year old beagle named Hudson. She also enjoys reading, traveling and hiking in the mountains. Tatjana loves working with animals and is excited to see what the future may bring while working at the clinic.


Veterinary Assistant

Megan was born in Saskatoon but raised in Regina. She is currently a full-time student at the University of Regina where she maintains a strong academic average with the hope of reaching her dream of becoming a veterinarian. Until then she is working to finish a major in Anthropology.

Megan keeps active by playing sports, walking her dog and on occasion painting or drawing. Megan very much enjoys her time at the clinic. She has a strong passion for animals and has lived with many pets through her whole life. She has a Labrador mix named Buster and also shares a home with her mom, sister, a second dog and 2 cats.


Veterinary/Kennel Assistant

Tristen joined the clinic in April 2016 as a kennel assistant. His love and passion for animals played a large part in his decision to apply for a job within the clinic. Tristen currently lives with his mom, dad, and sister until such time that he can attend school at the University of Saskatchewan. He currently has 4 cats, Sammey, Sparky, Oreo, and Tic-Tac. They all have their own unique personalities from shy, loving, moody to playful and curious. His passions are working hard in his current position and hopes to one day achieve his goal of becoming a Veterinarian.

Photo of  Tristen