Hospital Tour

Welcome to the Victoria Veterinary ClinicReceptionist JennaDelaney welcoming Maxx to the clinicKy and his dadGrace and her momDelaney admitting Digger for surgerySara having her weight takenDr. Shtuka assessing her patientTreatment roomTheresa preparing prescriptions in the pharmacyGrace viewing a slide under the microscope Erin spinning down a blood sampleErin running a blood sample Dr. Walter performing surgeryDigger getting her I.V put in before her dental surgeryDigger getting her teeth cleanedCat kennels for surgery and day patientsCat kennels for surgery and day patientsUltrasound roomA view inside the cat condosCat BoardingCats at PlayCat Boarding. Visiting the neighboursCat BoardingCatboardingCat boardingCat boardingCat boardingLoving the cat boarding playroomCat boardingCat boardingHello FishCat BoardingCat boarding playroomChinchilla's