Hospital Tour

Welcome to the Victoria Veterinary ClinicReception areaKy and his dadGrace and her momReception areaWeight scaleDr. Rymes and Tatjana examaning a patientDr. Walter and Charla examining a surgery patientDr. Shtuka assessing her patientTheresa preparing prescriptions in the pharmacyDr. Rymes and Dr. Shtuka hard at workErin in the labErin spinning down a blood sampleErin running a blood sample Lab areaLab areaDental machine and x-rayDigger getting her teeth cleanedTreatment areaDr. Murphy performing surgeryDr. Walter performing surgerySurgery roomLaser machineTheresa and Hailey taking x-raysX-ray roomDr. Patzwald doing an ultrasoundUltrasound roomCat kennels for surgery and day patientsCat kennels for surgery and day patientsLeah's officeDog runsDelaney and Tristen taking a break in the lunch roomCats at PlayCat boardingCat boardingCat Boarding. Visiting the neighboursCatboardingA view inside the cat condosCat boardingCat boardingCat boardingCat BoardingCat boardingCat BoardingCat BoardingCat boardingCat boarding playroomLoving the cat boarding playroomCat boardingHello FishCat boarding playroomChinchilla's